Soeben haben es die Münchner offiziell per Announcement und auf ihrer Facebookseite bekannt gegeben. Groundspeak wird in dieser Woche einen neuen Cache-Typ vorstellen.
Das GIGA-Event

aus den aktualisierten Guidelines: (ab 22.4.2014)

Giga-Events are the natural extension of Mega-Events. These are the rarest of all event types. After attendance of over 5000 geocachers is documented at a particular Mega-Event, Giga status may be awarded by Geocaching HQ. And just like Mega-Events, Geocaching HQ reserves the right to deny or retract publication of Giga-Events sponsored by other commercial geocache listing services, as well as parent and affiliated companies, unless written permission has been granted in advance by Geocaching HQ.


mega upgrade zu giga

mega upgrade zu giga

Besonders erfreulich ist die Tatsache, dass das erste Event, das sich für den GIGA Status qualifiziert hat, in Deutschland stattfinden wird. Event-Fans dürfte es nicht verwundern, dass es sich dabei um das Project MUNICH2014 – Mia san Mega! (GC4K089) handelt. Damit würdigt Groundspeak vermutlich auch die eventfreudige deutsche Geocacher Community.
Ob das Münchner Orga-Team nun ihren Event-Slogan „Mia san Mega“ entsprechend dem Event Status anpasst, bleibt abzuwarten. 😉


In den Groundspeak FAQs wird ab Dienstag, 22.4.2014 zu lesen sein:

Will it have its own cache type/icon?
Yes! Here it is: [image]

Will it count in my stats?

How many attendees are required for Giga status?
5000 or more

Why is Giga 5000?
Yes, we know that the metric system prefix giga stands for 1,000,000,000. We co-opted the term to stay in line with our current system of event and Mega-event. The name Five-thousand-event didn’t have the same ring to it.

Why add the Giga-Event type?
A handful of events have grown much faster and larger than most other events. We wanted to show appreciation to the event organizers and attendees and distinguish these unique experiences with a new event-type.

When/where will the first Giga-Event be?
GC4K089, Project MUNICH2014 – Mia san Mega! on August 15–17, 2014 in Munich, Germany.

How do I get Giga status for my event?
Your Mega-Event has to set a precedent of having enough attendees before being eligible for Giga status. We’ll review all Mega-Events to see if they qualify for Giga status.


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